Conseils pratiques, démonstrations, possibilités de cours formels adaptés sur mesure.
Pour artistes de niveau intermédiaire à avancé, qui désirent avoir du coaching dans leur démarche personnelle peu importe la technique utilisée (huile, acrylique, techniques mixtes) ou le style (figuratif ou abstrait).
Plusieurs années d’expérience en enseignement et en mentorat (individuel, College Dawson, Centre Saidye Bronfman, Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal, École d'art Griffintown, Université de Montréal).
Practical tips, demonstrations, formal course tailored to one's specific need.
For artists of intermediate to advanced levels, who want to receive some coaching in their individual artistic approach regardless of the technique used (oil, acrylic, mixed media) or the style used (figurative or abstract).
Several years of experience in teaching and in mentoring (individual, Dawson College, Saidye Bronfman Center, Fine Art Museum of Montreal, Griffintown Art School, Université de Montréal).

"Solving the mystery of flesh tones in two days seemed to me to be Utopian. But Elaine has accomplished this feat. She guided us brilliantly in this investigation of color. With great fluency, she sensitized us to the world of color value, temperature and saturation, as well as to the relationship between colors. I no longer see the same way, and even taking the bus has become a source of visual pleasure with the full array of flesh tones we find there. And most importantly ... I no longer paint the same way!" — D.M.
I recently took a weekend workshop with Elaine offered at the Museum of Fine Art and I can confirm that it was filled with moments of great insights for me. I greatly appreciated her approach and her ability to convey her knowledge. As soon as the opportunity arises I will not fail to sign up again for a course with Elaine because I not only learned a lot but it gave me the desire to re-engage with my portrait practise with confidence and a desire to grow in my creativity. It is a great pleasure that I recommend this teaching to all those who want to blossom in their art.” — I.V.

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